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One way valve

One way valve

Standard type - One inlet and one outlet

Manual or pneumatic actuation.

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Two way valve

Two way valve

Special type - One inlet, two outlets

Manual or pneumatic actuation.

Media flow in both directions possible.

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Product GroupFull Flow Ballvalves
Full Flow Ballvalves
Example Pictures FFBV:
Example Pictures FFBV with pneumatic actuation:
Short DescriptionFFBV
Ball valves for road tankers and aviation refuellers / dispensers.
Suitable for mineral oil products.
DescriptionStandard type:
One way ball valve - one inlet and one outlet (manual or pneumatic actuation).Special type:
Two way ball valve - One inlet, two outlets (manual or pneumatic actuation).
Media flow in both directions possible.
CommentCompact and lightweight construction with full flow (low pressure drop).
Suitable for the handling of different types of petroleum based products such as diesel, gasoline and aviation fuels. May also be used for other media, e.g. solvents.
All wetted parts of the ballvalve are free of non-ferrous metal such as brass/bronze, safeguarding media purity.

Typically mounted as closing valve / manifold in filling and supply (unloading) lines on road tankers, aviation refuellers and dispensers and other mobile fuelling applications, e.g. pump skids and tank containers with integrated dispenser.

Two way ballvalves are suitable as a second closure to ADR on tank trucks.
They are not certified as an Internal Regulating Valve (ILV) as specified in SAE AS6401.
Sizes2" (DN 50) up to 4" (DN 100).
ConnectionsBSP/NPT thread, DIN/ANSI/TW/TTMA flange – others on request.
Any combination for both sides possible.
PressureWorking pressure PN 10.
TemperatureTemperature range -30° C up to +55° C; (low temperature type down to -48° C available).
MaterialBody: aluminium.
Ball: aluminium.
Spindle: stainless steel.
Ball Seal: PTFE.
O-Rings: FKM – others on request.
Flat seal (for ball valves with female parallel thread connections only): polyurethane – others on request.
Approvals / CertificatesApproved for the transport of dangerous goods on road (ADR) and by rail (RID).
Type examination according to EN 14432.
Apragaz File ref.: 0702/P8914/000/LMI, TDT-UW-21/16, EAC TC No. RU Д-SE.MЮ62.B.02151
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Animation Full Flow Ball Valve (FFBV), Standard One Way Version:
Animation Full Flow Ball Valve (FFBV), Special Two Way Version:
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